10 Camp Videos to Get You Excited about the Summer

The countdown to camp is officially ON, but sometimes those summer days just still seem too far away. Enter our HUGE video library!

We take lots of great photos during the summer, but you just get a different experience with video. Videos allow you to hear the sounds of camp and feel like you’re there for just a few minutes, which mean they are perfect for this time of year, when all you want is to go back to the Bubble. Not sure where to start? We’ve pulled 10 of our favorite camp videos so you can begin in one place. Watch them today or bookmark this page for the camp-sick days to come. Happy viewing, Greystone Girls!

P.S. Make sure to scroll all the way down for maybe the funniest video of all time that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while. Enjoy!

1. This Is Greystone

2. What Is the Greystone Bubble?

3. One Hundred Summers

4. Summer 2018 in One Second a Day

5. Tech-Free

6. A Tour of Greystone

7. A Letter to Me from Our Campers

8. The Spirit of Greystone

9. 100 Years of Activities

10. Jimboy at Jazz