Behind the Scenes: Adding a New Class

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Ever wonder how we start a new class at camp? If you have ever experienced a Banquet day at camp, then you are familiar with our beloved All Girl Assembly (yawn…I know). Now some of you might be rolling your eyes at me because let’s be real, all anyone really cares about is getting to BANQUET.

Even though All Girl Assembly might not be everyone’s fave, it’s the key ingredient to starting a new class at camp. During Assembly, we ask all of our campers to fill out a quick survey asking about their time at camp, favorite classes, and any ideas that they might have for the next summer. Some of our FAVORITE new classes and facility changes have come from surveying Y-O-U.

Did you know that these new things at camp all came from camper surveys?

  1. Ice Huts
  2. Pool and Diving Complex
  3. Printmaking
  4. Aerial Yoga
  5. Mt. Edith
  6. Paddle Boards
  7. Photography Class
  8. Zipline
  9. Senior free period
  10. ENOs
  11. MORE BLTs (!!!!!)

Once we’ve surveyed our amazing campers from all of our sessions, we then tabulate the results and start the process of figuring out which idea would best suit camp for the next summer. As a Head Staff, we dream and scheme about what our campers would enjoy and what would enhance the overall summer experience!

After we decide what will be new for the summer, when then make a plan for how to accomplish it! Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s new and exciting for 2021…it’s going to be a BIG SUMMER AHEAD!