A Goodnight Song from Our Counselors

The curtain has closed on our 2020 summer, and even though it’s been a strange one (and one we would not like to repeat anytime soon, thank you very much!), it’s still been full of sweet moments. We’ve loved seeing how you have kept the spirit of Greystone alive in your hometowns, through reunions and cabin Zooms and participating in the Camp Connection.

We couldn’t let you go without one last tradition (from afar!), a goodnight song from a few of your counselors. We end every Banquet this way, when the counselors stand on their chairs and say goodnight to the campers they have loved for so many weeks. There is never a dry eye in the Dining Hall, and we bet you might get a little misty today too.

Goodnight, Greystone Girls, and may God bless you.