Planning the Perfect "Do Nothing Day" at Home

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Some camp traditions like Vespers have been around since 1920, while others (Wildlife Wednesday?) are more recent. Of all of the new traditions, Do Nothing Day might just be the most beloved, and it’s not hard to see why!

Camp life is delightfully busy - we’re pretty much going all day from Reveille to Taps. It’s all good things (and all so fun!), but after a few weeks a girl can get pretty tired. Enter Do Nothing Day, a whole morning (or sometimes afternoon), where (you guessed it), we do a whole lot of nothing. Classes are cancelled and camp takes on a slower pace. We wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but once a session, it is bliss!

If you’re anything like us, even though lots of events have been canceled these last few months, our days still feel pretty full! The Bible tells us that rest is good (and necessary!), so how about scheduling yourself a Do Nothing Day at home this week? We’re here today with our best tips for planing the perfect Do Nothing Day at home. Who’s going to try it out with us?

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  1. Plan ahead! It sounds counterintuitive that you have to plan to rest, but if you’ve ever tried to have a Sabbath day at home before, you know that it takes some prep work for it to really feel calm. Pick your day (or just a morning!), and think through the distractions and obligations that might come up. Clear the clutter. Do the dishes the night before. Tell your friends you won’t have your phone. Clear the way for you to be able to actually do nothing. A little bit of preparation will do wonders!
  2. And speaking of not having your phone… yep, go tech free! One of the best parts about Do Nothing Day at camp is the quiet. We may have a movie going in the Pavilion, but for the most part, the only thing you can hear around campus is the DMCs. If you’re normally tethered to your devices, take this opportunity to turn off your computer, put your phone in the other room, and just be still.
  3. Lean in to your Do Nothing Day style. Another part we love about the day at camp? You have options, and not everyone does it the same way! You can find campers napping, rolling down the hill, chatting with their friends, or crafting. There are a million ways to “do nothing,” you just have to pick what feels the most restful for you. Do a little dreaming beforehand about your ideal day, and then make it happen. The day is yours - there is no pressure to do anything in particular. Just do what feels right for a few hours!
  4. Make it a point to connect with people in some way. Even if you’re an introvert, make sure you spend a little time connecting with the people you love most. Think about what is going to feel rejuvenating to you. Writing letters? Going on a leisurely walk with a friend? Dreaming up your next cabin reunion? We were created for community, so we flourish best when we’re living that out. Even if you spend the whole day alone, find a way to connect with someone you love during your do nothing.
  5. Get back into your routine afterwards. Do Nothing Day is so magical at camp because that’s not how we live the majority of the time, that’s what makes it so special! Set the amount of time you are going to “do nothing,” and then know how you are going to get back to normal afterwards. If you did it well, you’ll feel rested and ready to go… and maybe even anticipating the next Do Nothing Day just a little!