5 Reasons We Miss August Camp

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While there’s something special about each of our four sessions, it’s no secret that we look forward to August Camp all summer long. We’ve been known to call it our “dessert” - the sweet end to the greatest meal!

When you combine a staff that runs like a well-oiled machine after a summer together, and a group of enthusiastic, young campers who have been waiting all summer for these two weeks, the result is magic!

There are SO many things we miss about August Camp (and the campers that make it so perfect!), but we’ve narrowed it down to just a few. Who else is missing these things too?

  1. August Campers! These final two weeks of the summer are nothing without the spunky, energetic, hilarious, loving campers who fill our cabins this time of year. You have been waiting for camp ALL SUMMER long, and that joy and anticipation exudes from everything you do. We love how you run from class to class when the bell rings, because you don’t want to miss a single second of what’s coming next. We love the way we can hear your cheering from the Dining Hall all over camp. You’re finally at camp - who has time to be quiet?! Most of all, we love the way you’re just YOU. Never change, girls!!
  2. The food. Our camp food is legendary all summer long, but with so few days in August Camp, there’s no time to serve anything but the greatest hits. That means that every single meal ends up being one of our favorites. Plus, since it’s the last weeks we get to enjoy the salad bar or cheesy chicken, or lunchtime BLTs for the year, we savor every bite!
  3. The Evening Programs! Similar to the food we eat, every night at August Camp feels like the best of the best. We pack in every signature EP from LipSyncs to Talent Show to Carnival, so you end up experiencing all the classic parts of camp in a short period of time. Want to see what we mean? Check out our videos for Week 1, Week 2, and overall highlights to see just how much goodness we squeeze in to this short session!
  4. Our Staff. By the time August Camp rolls around, our staff has been working together for almost 10 weeks, and we’ve gone from strangers to best friends. Every aspect of camp feels like a well-oiled machine, and we are at our best. We know our jobs well, so we can just relax and enjoy every aspect of this delightful session together. We roll down the hill, dance in the rain, and laugh a lot. Knowing the end is coming makes us savor every second together!
  5. Seeing camp through new eyes. After Junior, August Camp has our highest number of new campers every year, and it is one of our favorite things ever. We get to teach new Greystone Girls what this place is all about, and see the bubble through their eyes for the first time. Everything becomes magical again, and the littlest things (Tetherball? Ice Huts? Dance parties?) become the highlights of our day. We look forward all year long to meeting our new campers and showing them what’s to love about camp. Those letters home saying “I’m having the BEST time!”? That’s what it’s all about!