6 Reasons Working at Camp Is Better than Any Internship

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If you’ve heard us say it once, you’ve heard it a million times - working at camp is the best job ever! It’s fun and fulfilling, challenging and purposeful, and you will come away with best friends and a community that lasts a lifetime. Don’t just take our word for it.

But we also know that the “real world” exists! You have precious few summers in college, and the pressure to get internships or get ahead on your classes is everywhere. How can you justify “just” spending the summer at camp, when you could be getting ahead?

You know we’ll love you whether you go for that internship or not, but we’ve just got to point out a few ways camp will prepare you that no other summer job can. Hear us out!

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At camp you learn…

  1. To be a leader. Instead of being the low man on the totem pole at a company, you will be the one in charge here! As a counselor you will have immense responsibility - we trust you to take care of these girls in every way, and to be a role model to them in the process. You will lead activities, brainstorm new ideas, and be responsible for the campers in your life. You’ll grow in confidence stepping up to take charge, and we will support you every step of the way! Why not come out of your summer with newfound confidence in your leadership skills?
  2. To be adaptable. Every day at camp is different, and on staff you need to think on your feet to make the best of every situation. Rainy day? Time to figure out a game! Haven’t played basketball since elementary school? You may need to teach it in a pinch. In many situations, there’s no option but to think quickly - we rely on you to be flexible and learn quickly.
  3. To work with all kinds of people. The one thing you really need in the real world? People skills! The one thing camp teaches you in spades? People skills! Here you’ll be living and working with the same people - it’s an incredible gift, and will also require you to communicate, to be personable, and to take the lowest place. Companies love to hire previous counselors because they know they work well with others - something a computer will never be able to do.
  4. To be positive. Here we have that “great day attitude” every day, and you will learn to see the good in everything - it’s contagious! You will see challenges as opportunities, and learn to not act the way you feel in all circumstances. A positive person lifts their whole team up!
  5. To be a servant. The whole reason you’re here is to give of yourself. We do everything we can to pour back into our staff, but it’s common knowledge that the “secret” of Greystone is unselfishness. You will learn to look for where you can be a blessing, and to find joy in loving others. How much better would the world be if we all had this skill?
  6. To work hard! It’s no secret - working as a counselor is a lot of work! It’s also a ton of fun, but that’s where the growth comes - you learn that working hard is actually fun. As a counselor, you develop a work ethic second to none. You’ll know how to balance rest and work, and find joy in knowing that all your hard work is meaningful.

Don’t you want to go into your future job with these skills? Apply today!

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