100 Favorite Memories from Our 100th Summer

2019 truly was our best year EVER! As our theme verse said, the Lord truly did do far more immeasurably than we could ask or imagine.

There are so many moments from this summer that we are going to remember forever, so let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? What did we miss? What are the memories you are going to treasure from our 100th summer?

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  • Realizing it’s Peach Cart
  • Hitting the Woah at Lip-syncs
  • Hair Tinsel
  • Mat day at the mini talents
  • Seeing the Dog Camp doodles for the first time
  • Barn Staff dancing to Old Town Road
  • Clapping during Soupie
  • You are rocks
  • Hitting a bullseye in Riflery
  • Pulling out your craziest costume for no reason at all
  • Birthday t-shirt
  • 100th birthday party hats
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  • Singing happy birthday to Greystone and blowing out our candles
  • Opening Day Photo Booth
  • Stickers
  • T-shirts
  • Wheel day in ceramics
  • Hanging in the ENOs
  • Garth and Kitten
  • Jersday
  • Senior Senior LipSync to Queen
  • 80’s theme night
  • 3 words: the Dating Game
  • Marching to class on the 4th of July
  • Mosh dance parties
  • Verses concert
  • Boy Staff
  • Mermaid Hunts
  • Parading down the road
  • Sock wrestling
  • Rolling down the Hill
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  • DMCs in the new Sheperd’s Gazebo
  • The new Print Making class
  • Pasta day in cooking
  • The color throw
  • Counting down from 100 on Opening Day
  • Hearing “Keep ya plates”
  • Thor blowing and knowing it’s going to be a long Rest Hour
  • The 100th Celebration
  • Spilling pizza sauce on your whites
  • Drew and Ellie concert
  • Frittles
  • Theme nights at your table
  • Meeting a new best friend on the road
  • Finally passing that level
  • Ultimate Foam
  • Taking the puppies to Putt Cove
  • Finding a 4 leaf clover
  • Overnights
  • Surprise Chikfil a
  • Writing plane letters at the horse show
  • That crazy banana peel slapping game
  • Breakfast for Dinner
  • The Junior Camp County Fair
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  • Your team winning Challenge Day
  • Protect Your Senior
  • Holding your candle high at Vespers
  • Dance Till You Drop at June Camp
  • June Camp Hundredth Hustle
  • The Berry Go Round at Carnival
  • Getting that soft as butter Stumblers shirt
  • The Little Mermaid Junior Play
  • The 2nd Annual Swim Meet
  • Banquet is… A Night on Broadway!
  • Banquet is… Beauty and the Beast!
  • Banquet is… Moana!
  • Birthday party at the Miller’s house
  • She’s a wonder she’s a dream…
  • Finding llamas on the hiking trip
  • Cheerleading Tryouts
  • Group Night
  • The Golden Crocs
  • The Larry the Cucumbers
  • The Carnival Dance Contest
  • The Polar Bear Plunge
  • Mini Talent Shows
  • The PYTs winning Dance Battle
  • Petting Raindrop at Corn Roast
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  • Old School Cool
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Senior Play
  • The Garden Party
  • The Great Day 5k
  • Finally landing on your perfect schedule
  • Christmas Movie Night at August Camp
  • Performing in Production Night
  • Hiking with Jimboy on Sunday
  • Paddle board Yoga
  • Pirate Day in Canoeing
  • Hair beads
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  • 100th temporary tattoos that never came off
  • The Spirit of Greystone award
  • Holding hands during Praise and Worship
  • “Goodnight Greystone Girls”
  • Sleep Late Fridays
  • Do Nothing Day
  • The longest Breakfast Club jokes ever
  • Jim… Boy!
  • The Greystone water challenge
  • The name tag challenge
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