Who You Can Become at Camp - New Camper Blog Series

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Annabelle, on right, with her new book about summer camp. On left, the book's illustrator.

Hey hey y’all! I am so excited to be guest writing for the New Camper Blog series. My name is Annabelle Lawton, I’m from Orlando, FL, and this will be my ninth summer here at Greystone.

It seems like just yesterday I was “trunking up to good ole Greystone” for the first time. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and going to sleep away camp has had such a positive impact on my life. I even published a book encouraging girls to build up the self-confidence and excitement of going to camp. I wanted to offer some advice about letting go and letting camp shape you.

Camp can help you become a Go-Getter.
A go-getter is somebody who is not afraid of a challenge. I first went to camp timid and too shy to be silly, but I now know to get outside of my comfort zone and try new classes, foods, or to even wear crazy costumes – it is so much fun. At Greystone, everybody is encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone, which makes it that much easier to be a Go-Getter.

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Camp can help you become an Innovator.
An innovator is a trendsetter who gets things done by thinking outside the box. Back home, everybody may be obsessed with the latest pair of shoes or the newest music, but at camp, there is a new kind of fashion. From competitive Chaco tanning or “wildlife Wednesday shirts,” the more creative, the better, and the greatest thing is everybody from ages seven to seventeen wants to be involved! Not even at home will my mom let me wear a nightgown to dinner, but at camp, I’ll have multiple girls asking where they can get one too!

Camp can help you become a Risk Taker.
A risk taker is courageous and able to try new things. Each year at camp, I always have my “risky” class on my schedule and it ends up being one of my favorites. From fencing, lacrosse, aerial yoga, juggling, synchronized swimming, or crocheting, I always come home to both my parents and friends able to show them some new skills. To this day I still can’t juggle, but stepping outside my comfort zone has always paid off in the end.

Camp can help you become a Leader.
A leader is somebody who is confident, responsible and committed. Whether it’s your bunkmate in your cabin, a counselor at your table in the Dining Hall, or the girl in your cooking class, people at camp are always pushing you to be your best self. Greystone is always encouraging girls to be genuine and authentic individuals, and the entire community leads by example. The self-confidence and relationship with God discovered at Greystone allows you to become a leader in the camp bubble and at home.

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I am so thankful for the experience of going to Camp Greystone, and I know without it I wouldn’t be the same girl I am today. Trying something new like camp can be daunting at first, but I truly believe it shapes you into an incredible individual. If you are still nervous or want to read more feel free to check out my book So You Want To Go To Camp. I can’t wait for the 100th summer with all of you new girls, and I know it’s going to be a blast!!