To Our 2020 New Campers

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If this is your very first summer at Greystone, welcome! We are so excited for you to join us this summer…you are going to love it!! We have many new campers each summer, and I think that our new campers are the most fun of all (sorry longtime Greystone girls – still love ‘ya!). Why are our new campers the best? Let me tell you…

Everything is a first. If you’ve never been to camp before, everything is a first…the very first meal, your first Evening Program, your first rainy day – you get to experience everything with fresh eyes. None of our returning campers can say that. There’s just something special about that very first time for all the “Greystone things” (get ready for Carnival and Banquet!)

Everything is just so fun. I think our new campers just understand how to have fun! You’re doing the coolest things (for the very first time), and it just makes it so much fun. I think our new campers have smiles plastered on their faces the whole summer.

Everyone finds a friend. You may be coming to camp with a friend from home, but there’s nothing like making your first camp friend. You’ll start with your penpal in the spring, and then on Opening Day, you’ll meet all your cabinmates, who will be your roomies for your time at camp. As a new camper, you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to make a friend – everyone is just so nice.

You love having a “big sister” in your counselor. There is nothing like your first camp counselor; she is going to be like a “big sister” while you are at camp. She will help make sure you are prepared for everything that is to come, but she will also be so much fun. New campers just love their counselors…get ready!

Your bunk is the coolest place ever. The first time sleeping in your Greystone bunk is a night to remember. You get to set up your space exactly like you want it, and you’ll love that! New campers find so much excitement in setting up their bed for the first time. We can’t wait to see how you make your space homey.

Your smiles are contagious. I think our new camper group smiles more than any other group of campers. This is partly because everything is new and partly because of the excitement of waiting so long to finally attend (many of you have been on our Wait List). Either way, new campers radiate joy, and that joy is contagious to the rest of us. It makes working at camp so much fun!

So, to our new campers, we really can’t wait to meet you. You are going to love camp, and over the next few months, we are going to get you ready for everything you need to know about Greystone.

This point in the year signals the start of all things new camper, so get ready to hear from us. We hope you received your most recent Sparks magazine, and we always send something fun at Christmas. Then, as we finally hit 2020, you’ll start hearing from us a lot! From fun mailings to our New Camper Blog Series to parent e-newsletters, we’ll get you and your family all ready for camp. We can’t wait!

If you have any questions at this point, please reach out. In the meantime, we are so excited to have YOU in our new camper group!

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