Ask a Head Staffer: Laura

Today we’re starting a series where we ask a head staffer all of YOUR burning questions. It’s like sitting down for a DMC, just without the Shoppe date to go along with it!

First up? Everyone’s favorite camp mom with the best style. So pull up a chair and settle in as we ask Laura all of the questions you’ve been dying to ask. Skittles anyone?

  • If you didn’t work at camp, what would your job be? A school teacher
  • What is your favorite memory as a camper? I loved hanging out at the barn with the older advanced riders and feeling like I was part of the group!
  • What is the one thing all first time campers should pack? Name Stickers - so you can label all the things you forgot to label at home (your camera, Bible, journal, tennis racquet….)
  • What’s your favorite class? When I was a camper, it was Tennis and Riding, but if I was a camper now, I would love to take Metal Jewelry.
  • What do you do during the rest of the year? I get to work for camp all year!
  • Do you ever wish you had coined a different look? I give zero thought to how I look- I wear a skort because it has a place to hook my walkie talkie and my hair stays in a knot all summer because I don’t have time to fool with it. Now that I have grandsons, I need to change the habit of putting a pencil in my hair. Harter almost got poked a couple of times!
  • Apple Cart or peach cart? Both! But it would be nice if we were able to get enough peaches to go around more often- Peach cart is a treat!
  • What is your favorite place to buy tennis skirts? Athleta (on sale!)
  • Does Gervais cook Greystone food at home? I do almost all the cooking at home, but he will fire up the grill when I ask him.
  • What is your favorite tv show? 60 Minutes (I know that’s a terrible answer, but true.) The cooler (maybe) answer is NCIS (that’s about the only other thing we watch)
  • If you could be a cabin counselor now, which age group would you want? Give me Tentalow 1!!
  • How old is Tille? Tille is 11 (and still thinks she’s a big dog!)
  • What is your favorite Dining Hall song? Keep Safely
  • What’s one thing you wish you could bring back from the “old days” at camp? Main Camp = 7 weeks long!