The Most Epic EPs of 2019

There are a lot of things that make Greystone heaven on earth - the friends, the food, the amazing counselors. But one of the best parts? Our Evening Programs!

We spend all year dreaming and planning for the most incredible events we can think of, and this year was no exception. If anything, we wanted 2019’s EPs to be even bigger and better in honor of our 100th year, and boy did they deliver. Reminisce with us on some of the most EPIC events of this summer, and make sure to let us know, which EPs would make your list?

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We have to start with every camper’s favorite Evening Program - Carnival! It’s a celebration of junk food, crazy rides, and dancing all night long. You can’t go to Carnival and NOT have fun… the pictures tell it all!

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Protect Your Counselor and Protect Your Senior

No matter which iteration this EP took, it was the first crazy night of the session, and allowed for great cabin bonding as you worked your way around camp with your best friends. The challenges were silly, the color powder plentiful, but that final color throw? AMAZING.

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How could any EP top our final night of camp, when all those happy emotions come together in the ultimate party? Our counselors put on a show before we run together to the beautiful Banquet hall for a feast and awards. Bring on the tears!

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The 100th Celebration

How could we talk about the EPs of this year without mentioning the best birthday party ever? We celebrated at all our sessions with birthday hats and fun - everything from a massive overnight to the world’s biggest foam pit. Dr. Sevier would have been proud!

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Every Sunday at Main Camp we look forward to our Summer Concert Series, and this year was no exception. Whether we enjoyed the music on the Pageant Court in front of the (new and improved!) Shepherd’s Gazebo, or packed and mosh-ing in the Pavilion, we had the best time and were singing the songs for days afterward.

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Group Night

Group Night at Main Camp is a BIG deal as all our age groups split to do something incredible. Whether it’s a baseball game in town or a shaving cream fight at Putt Cove, our groups had fun this year. Shoutout to the Group Leaders who pulled these events off!

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Corn Roast

Corn Roast falls smack in the middle of Main Camp for a reason - it’s a peak of the whole summer! Our Kitchen staff pulls out all the stops on the feast, and then we dance all night long to a fun band as the sun sets over the lake. It’s mellow and glorious!

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Hundreth Hustle

At June Camp we celebrated the 100th with a camp wide game of the craziest activities Sarah Brown could think of. When you combine cute t-shirts with crazy games, the result had to be one of our most EPIC EPs!

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