The Greystone Store - New Camper Blog Series

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Happy Tuesday new campers, and welcome to another week in our New Camper blog series. This week we are going to be talking about our Greystone Store, the place to grab your Greystone clothes and lots of other goodies. Let’s jump right in!

Our Greystone Store is a camper’s delight, offering a range of fun options. Instead of carrying around money with you, parents will put money into your Store account before the summer to use while you’re at camp (you can do this through the Greystone Store’s funding page). We recommend the following amounts for each session: Junior: $75, June: $150, Main: $175, August: $125.

So what can you buy in the Store? So many things! Most popular is probably the camp apparel; campers love wearing Greystone clothes! From t-shirts to shorts to sweatshirts, our Store has new custom designs every year to choose from. You can check out many of these designs online right now! The best way to get a feel for what we offer in the Store is to check out the website, as everything in the Store is sold on the website as well.

The Store also offers many camp essentials, such as crazy creek chairs, water bottles, egg crates, backpacks, tote bags, flashlights, towels, trunks, and many items that can be personalized. As you’re looking through our Packing Lists for each session, you can find many of the items you’ll need in our Store, if you’d like to purchase them that way.

You’ll also find some fun “extras” in the Store that campers just love – from stuffed animals for your bunk to stickers to crazy pens. You can also find some home décor and items for parents, like tumblers and ornaments.

During the summer, girls will often go to the Store for basic necessities that they may have forgotten or need more of – from toiletries to batteries to stationery to stamps, the Store sells most everything you need to “get you through” camp in case you’ve run out or need more.

When can girls shop at the Store? The Greystone Store is open throughout the day, usually during a few class periods and during free time in the afternoons. Opening Day is also a great time to visit the Store; everything is spread out on the Tennis Courts so you can move quickly through all of the items. The Store will also be open on Closing Day for any last minute things you need before you head home.

What is NOT sold in the Store? Food! We pass out free snack options throughout the day, and offer a free Candy Shoppe option at night, so girls won’t need to purchase any additional food or snacks through the Store. We also don’t sell earrings or shaving razors, so make sure to pack what you need.

What else is charged to my daughter’s Store account? Good question! Not much, but a few things can be charged to your Store account, if your daughter needs/wants them. Prescription medication costs will be charged to your account, if needed during the session. Campers also have the option to purchase a camp theme shirt and a Main Camp group picture, if they would like one; both of these will be charged to your Store account.

What if my daughter runs out of money? You can check on your Store balance through your Greystone Account, clicking on “View Store Allowance/Personal Expenses;” the balance is updated within 24/48 hours, and parents can then add money to the account if needed through the Greystone Store website.

If you haven’t checked out our Greystone Store online, make sure to do so! Have any additional questions about the Store? Let us know! You will love shopping for some great Greystone memorabilia while at camp! What do you plan to purchase this year?!

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