Camp Gingerbread House Inspiration and a Prize!

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Christmas baking is upon us, and as much as we love cookies and cakes (and we love them a LOT), there is nothing like the classic gingerbread house!

When you’re putting together your structure this year, why not take a little inspiration from your summer home? There are so many camp buildings that would make PERFECT gingerbread houses, and don’t worry, not all of them are as complicated as the Dining Hall! (though we will give a standing ovation for anyone who tries!)

We’re not stopping there though - we’ve got a fun giveaway for your camp inspired gingerbread houses. Send us a picture of your sweet structure (it doesn’t have to be perfect - we just want to see your enthusiasm!) and we’ll pick our favorites to win an Instax mini instant camera! You’ll love capturing all your memories with it this summer.

Send your pictures by Christmas Day to We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

1. Your Tentalow

2. The Pavilion

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3. The Dining Hall

4. Putt Cove

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5. The Climbing Wall

6. The Shepherd's Gazebo