The 2019 Staff Application is Live

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This Monday is the BEST Monday because our 2019 Staff Application is finally live!

We have been waiting for this day since camp ended, and we cannot WAIT to see incredible applications start filling our inbox. We know that the Lord has huge plans for 2019 (our 100th summer!), and we’re already praying for the staff that He is going to put together.

We want YOU to be a part of Greystone’s history as we celebrate 100 years!

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This is the happiest, hardest job you’ll ever have - you will be stretched, serve well, laugh constantly, and do it all to the glory of the God!

Get ready have the time of your life, make friends you’ll keep forever, and grow more than you thought possible. You will spend your time doing work that matters deeply, pouring into girls and showing them Jesus through your love. You’ll roll down hills for fun, chase fireflies, and do silly skits to make your campers laugh.

This is no ordinary summer job - this is work that matters!

Know someone who would be a perfect fit for our staff? Send the application their way! Does this sound like your cup of tea? Send in that application, friend - we can’t wait to get to know you better!

We expect spaces to fill up quickly this year, so apply early!

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