Last Minute New Camper Tips - New Camper Blog Series

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Just days away from the summer…we are so very excited!! It feels like camp already, as our staff is arriving, boxes are being unpacked, and we are putting the finishing touches on the start of our 98th summer. Before you arrive, don’t forget these last minute tips to make this summer the VERY BEST EVER!

  • Page back through all of our New Camper Blogs to make sure you’re caught up on all things camp. We have a few great video posts from last year with our old campers giving our new campers advice on life at camp and letting you know what camp feels like – you won’t want to miss them!

  • Get excited for all the great classes this summer! Junior Campers, your schedule is already made, and you’ll be thrilled to jump into classes right away. June, Main, and August Campers, take one last look at the classes we are offering, as well as the tips on how to make the perfect schedule. We highly recommend trying something different and out of your comfort zone – some of our best classes are the ones you may not even realize might be perfect for you! Your counselor can help you find some great classes on Opening Day.

  • Bring a few things to make your bunk extra homey. Whether you bring a few pictures, your own bedding, or just a fun pillow, you’ll enjoy having some items that make your bunk truly yours.

  • Take one last look at our Staff Profiles to learn all about our summer counselors. We have the BEST staff this summer, and in no time at all, you’ll know so many of these great counselors. They cannot wait to meet you!

  • Smile – a lot! Our best piece of advice for making friends at camp? Get ready to smile – all the time! Just smiling at those around you will really make a difference; everyone wants to be friends with the person who is always smiling! Smile and introduce yourself…it is the best way to make friends!

  • Get excited. We really have planned the very best summer ever, and we truly cannot wait to welcome you. From the staff we have hired to the food we are already ordering to the new activities we are adding to the brand new Evening Programs we have up our sleeves…it is going to be so much fun. GET EXCITED – you won’t be disappointed!!

If you have any last minute questions before you arrive, let us know! We can’t wait for you to get here…see you soon!!!