Tips from a New Camper - New Camper Blog Series

Hi! My name is Jane, and I am from Chicago, and I am 11 years old. Last summer was my first summer at Greystone (I went to Main Camp), and I loved it! I am excited to share some tips with you today.

Tips for New Campers

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  1. Make sure to get to know your penpal before your first day of camp by writing to her. Then you can possibly FaceTime each other or email.

  2. Pack “fun” clothes for the events like the Fourth of July, Corn Roast, and Derby Day: Red, white and blue for the 4th…Overalls, checked shirts and bandanas for Corn Roast, and dresses and a nice hat for Derby Day. (These are all Main Camp events).

  3. Ask your penpal to tell you about the before meal Dining Hall traditions. We always stand behind our chairs and pray before eating. At longer sessions, when we have big events like Challenge Day, we will sing our team songs and the Star-Spangled Banner. It’s fun!

  4. At June and Main Camp, it is better to choose a top bunk if you are in the upper level of the cabin because you have more headroom than if you choose a top bunk in the lower level of a cabin.

  5. Remember to bring photos of your family and other bedding items to decorate your bunk.

  6. Ask your penpal what activities they like to do at camp. It is fun to take some classes together!

  7. Try all of the food at camp because the food is amazing! If you like fruit and granola for breakfast, make sure to go quickly to the Fruit Bar line each morning – everyone wants some!

  8. At Main Camp, do not be shy to ask your camp Big Sister any questions…that is what she is there for.

  9. Pay special attention to the camp map so that you will know where you are going on the first few days. You will get a copy of the map in the mail on your first day.

  10. Don’t worry about being homesick. EVERYONE is so loving, supportive and friendly.

  11. Enjoy every minute of camp because it goes by so quickly!