Greystone Dictionary - New Camper Blog Series

Welcome to another week in our New Camper Blog Series. Hard to believe that we don’t have that many more weeks to go!

This week, we are debuting a brand new page on our website for you, our New Campers! We have been working to create a Greystone Dictionary to help you learn about some of the things we do at camp. Many of our new campers in the past wished that they had known what “wearing whites” meant or what we do at Vespers, so the Greystone Dictionary was created to help!

Use the Dictionary as a fun way to learn about some Greystone traditions and events, but do not think that you need to have these things memorized before you come to camp! Part of understanding them is experiencing them…in the meantime, just enjoy learning a few more things about your summer home.

Enjoy Greystone girls!

Greystone Dictionary

Learn even more about your summer home!

Greystone Dictionary