How to Write the Best Pen-Pal Letter Ever

Camp is fast approaching and that means you’ll be getting your pen-pals very soon - you may have even gotten yours already!

So that begs the question… what happens next? Well, you write her a letter! But not all letters are created equal, so we’ve combined our years of pen-pal writing experience to give you the best advice for the job. Pick up those pens Greystone girls!

  • Write ASAP! Don’t delay - your pen-pal wants to hear from you.
  • Tell her about yourself. What’s your favorite food or color or go-to outfit? If you had an hour of free time, what do you do with it? Tell her a funny story about your family, a joke you heard lately, or your favorite camp memory.
  • Ask her lots of questions! What do you want to know about her? Start a conversation! Stuck? Check out our Staff Profiles for some fun ice-breakers.
  • Coordinate your camp schedules. Do you both want to take Archery? Propose for you to take it together!
  • Include some pictures! Show her your family, your dog, or your soccer team.
  • Get creative. Draw her a map of your hometown, make up your own crossword puzzle, or play Mad-Libs back and forth in your letters.
  • Write again… and again! Keep writing each other until the summer (and even after!). If she doesn’t respond, write again!
  • Tell her how to recognize you on Opening Day. Will you be the one wearing the big red bow? Or walking a little white dog? Come up with a way for you to immediately spot each other in the crowd.
  • Want to go above and beyond? You can even send her something! A special treat from your hometown, your favorite kind of bubblegum, or a pressed flower from your garden. Make your letters uniquely YOU and you can’t go wrong!

What’s your favorite pen-pal writing trick? Let us know in the comments!