Music - New Camper Blog Series

Welcome back to our 2nd week of this year’s New Camper Blog Series! If you missed it last week, make sure to go back and check out #campawesome post to get “in the know” about all things camp.

This week we are going to talk about something near and dear to our campers’ hearts – the music! We LOVE music at camp; it is an extremely important part of our camp culture. While it is impossible to learn and understand all the different songs we love before you arrive, we wanted to give you a jumpstart on some of our favorite songs. Here we go…

Morning Assembly: Every morning after breakfast, we head to the Pavilion for Morning Assembly. We always start the morning off with a few fast songs. We have fun (and very easy) motions that go with the songs. Here’s a list of our absolute favorite Morning Assembly songs (don’t worry, you’ll learn the songs – and the motions – in no time…we do the same songs over and over):

Dance Parties: We also LOVE a good dance party at camp. Whether it is the Decades Dance (where you dress up and dance the night away), the Carnival Dance Contest, or just a dance party in your cabin, we enjoy fun, upbeat songs to listen to. Here’s a random mix of what our campers would say are their dance party favorites:

Greystone Groove: We have a fun class at camp called Greystone Groove that was our version of Zumba before Zumba even existed. We’ve been doing this class since the early 90’s, and our campers flat love it. While you may not want to take Groove this summer, you will hear these songs over and over again at camp:

Dining Hall Songs: we sing songs in the Dining Hall after all of our meals. We will be focusing on Dining Hall music later in our New Camper Blog Series (as we help you learn some of the songs), but we have a great resource in the meantime, if you would like to start listening to some of our Fast Song favorites:

We cannot wait for you to come experience all of this music at camp this summer! In the meantime, enjoy listening to these camp classics…they will get you ready for summer. See you back next week for more New Camper inside scoop!