#campawesome - New Camper Blog Series

Welcome to our 2017 New Camper Blog Series! From now until camp, we will be posting a new blog every Tuesday with the goal of helping our new campers get ready for their first summer at Greystone. We will share some inside scoop, help to better explain some camp lingo, share some really cool videos, and more. Make sure you check back each week to join us!

So, what’s up first? There are some things about Greystone that are just “so Greystone”, meaning that everyone who is a camper just kind of picks up on and knows about these things, as they are an important part of camp culture. For example, if you asked one of our current campers about shower caddies, they could just go on and on as to what you need, why it’s important, etc. So, we’re going to catch you up to speed on some things that are just “so Greystone” and can officially be called #campawesome.

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Shower Caddies: Since I already mentioned it in the example, let’s just dive right in. Everyone brings a shower caddy to camp – it is #campawesome at its finest. These go under your sink in your cabin bathroom and hold all of your shower stuff and basic toiletries. You are definitely going to want to bring one with you.

Shower shoes: Many campers will bring some sort of flip-flop to wear in and out of the shower – just makes life easier as you’re getting ready.

Chacos: We recommend that you bring a “shoe that can get wet” while you’re at camp, and Chacos are the most popular choice. You can most definitely bring a different kind, but just know you’ll see many pairs of Chacos at camp.

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Crazy Creek: You’ll see tons of different types of Crazy Creeks around camp! These genius foldable chairs are definitely #campawesome – perfect for camp picnics or for playing games in your cabin.

Book bag: You are going to need something to carry around all of your stuff as you travel to your classes throughout the day. Having a good book bag or sturdy tote bag is a must. It’s really up to you what you would like to use; we definitely see quite a few of these #campawesome Kavu Rope bags at camp, as well as smaller drawstring bags.

Inside your bag: So what do you carry around with you all over camp? A water bottle (for sure!), your schedule, sunscreen, and then anything you may need throughout the day, like a towel for water activities or your knitting project to take to your knitting class. It depends on what classes you are taking, but the water bottle and sunscreen will make your bag #campawesome in no time.

Water bottle: What type of water bottle? Truly, any kind will work. We have these amazing ice machines at camp, and our campers LOVE them. I personally think it’s easier to have a wider mouth water bottle, as it makes filing up on ice so much easier!

We could keep going forever on the many things that could be classified as #campawesome, but hopefully this beginner list will give you some inside scoop on some Greystone-specific things.

We will be back next Tuesday with another New Camper blog. Make sure to check out our new camper blogs from last year as well. Have a great week!