Catherine's Friday's Five

We’re starting a brand new series this fall that we hope you’re going to love. Every Friday one of our fantastic year-round team will be sharing five things they’re loving at the moment - just a fun way to share a little bit of ourselves with you. First up… me!

  • I’ve been slowly getting back to cooking for myself post-camp (I miss Gervais!) and I can’t wait to try this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs.
  • I can’t stop listening to this Spotify playlist, filled with a little bit of all my favorites:
  • I have a major soft spot for Great Danes, so this video had my heart right away. I dare you to watch service dog George’s “Best Day” without shedding a tear!
  • I’ve had this study book from She Reads Truth forever, but only just started to go through it. It’s been so fun to see Jesus in the stories of the women of the Old Testament. Better late than never right?
Ben pic.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1
  • My dog Ben LOVED being at dog camp this summer, but it’s been so fun to have him back with me during the day (I promise he’s more excited than he looks in this picture!). He’s recently become a pro at fetch, so make sure you throw lots of sticks for him next summer!

Anything you’re loving right now? Share with us in the comments!