Camper Blog: Mary Butler Despain

Today we have a special treat - 2016 Senior-Senior Mary Butler Despain is blogging for us! She’s talking about her first year at camp, her favorite memory of senior year, and all the awkward dancing. You do not want to miss this. Take it away Mary Butler!

When I first started at Camp Greystone, I was a very shy six-year-old. I was so nervous to go to a camp where I was not going to know anyone and feared what I was going to miss out at home. Little did I know that after that first experience at camp I would be hooked, attending camp for ten more summers after.

I have attended Camp Greystone for a total of eleven years, starting as a rising first grader and ending as a rising senior. I cannot imagine life without camp. Not only has camp transformed me from a shy six-year-old to a girl that takes almost every moment to meet new people, it has also transformed my faith as a Christian and given me lifelong friendships. I can’t think of many places that can transform your life in such enormous ways.

One of my favorite memories from my senior-senior year is Corn Roast, an evening program full of good food, dancing, and live music. For those of you who don’t know, I am a very awkward dancer. Basically, I have no coordination whatsoever.

Back home at school dances, I have to tame my dance moves, so I don’t embarrass my self too bad. This Corn Roast at camp, however, I decided to go full fledge with the dance moves, no holding back. Some of my dance moves consist of the sprinkler and the shopping cart, to name a few.

Not only did my camp friends embrace my dance moves, but clapped, cheered me on, and even attempted to do some of my signature dance moves with me. At that moment, I realized how blessed I was with such amazing friends, who cheer you on no matter what and will do the craziest things with you.

Only camp friends roll down the wet pageant court, slide down a slippin’ slide in the pouring rain while wearing actual clothes, and dance around in a dirty, muddy wading pool with you. It’s amazing how close you can become with your cabin mates, even if you only see each other five weeks out of the year. Although the famous camp bread is high on the list, I think what I’ll miss most about my camper experience is the people.

I am still in shock that this year was my last year as a camper - it’s crazy how fast time flies. I have come a long way from the junior camper who refused to brush her hair for the entire session of camp!

Although going into Senior Year is hard, a piece of camp always appears in life when I need it to the most. The other day, I was working a wedding in the most random of locations when a Greystone camper shouted my name from across the building. No matter where I go, I can always find some Greystone girls or something that reminds me of camp.

I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to be a camper at Greystone. I encourage every camper to go to camp as long as they can because the only regret you’ll have about camp is if you don’t come back.

Thanks for being our guest today, Mary Butler!

Do you remember your first year at camp? Or your last? Let us know your favorite memories in the comments!