Greystone Madness Champion

Alright gals, we’ve waited weeks and now it’s officially time to unveil the Champion of Greystone Madness 2015.. (can I hear a drumroll?)

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Though it was a tough fight and came down to the final votes, we weren’t surpised to see Banquet win out in the end. It’s a tradition shared by every Greystone girl - and they can all attest that it is pure JOY! Banquet has everything: mystery, surprise, delight, musical theater (of varying skills!), great food, laughter, and a few tears.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate the session we have all enjoyed and leave camp with one final party. Banquet is loved by all.

So let’s give a final hurrah for our 2015 Greystone Madness Champion and look forward to many Banquets to come! Check out Leland Reynolds’ final Greystone Madness video below to see what all this Banquet fun is about. What do you hope the theme is this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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