EP Spotlight: Corn Roast

Our fabulous Corn Roast falls right in the middle of Main Camp - for good reason. It’s a climactic point in the summer, an extravagant celebration of food and music, set against the backdrop of a sunset on Lake Edith… heaven!

We dress in our finest “country” attire and gather by the blob dock for a huge picnic of every kind of meat imagineable: turkey legs, ribs, chicken, and of course, fresh corn on the cob dipped in butter. The root beer flows from kegs and we spread out all over the grass, eating with our friends and laughing a lot.

But the best part of the night comes later, when Kat Williams and her band start playing. The whole camp gets on its feet to dance as hard as we can, and the band doesn’t stop until the stars come out!

Campers, counselors, and alumnae - what are your favorite things about Corn Roast?