Packing for Special Events - New Camper Blog Series

Hello new campers! This week we are talking some more about Packing for Camp, especially for Special Events we have each summer. Looking for more general Packing for Camp advice? Make sure to check out our previous posts on Packing for Camp and Greystone Style.

We have many fun traditions throughout the summer, and new campers always want to know how they can pack for these different events. We are here to help!

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One of the best things you can do when thinking about our camp events is to pack some crazy, fun, outrageous costumes in your trunk or duffle. Having random, silly clothes to throw on for a random, silly Evening Program is always fun. No costume is too crazy for camp…have a banana suit? a sumo wrestler outfit? a clown costume? a 70’s hippie ensemble? All of these sound PERFECT for camp this summer.

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For ALL of our sessions, it is good to make sure you have:

Whites – we wear all-white on Sundays and for other special events (like Banquet and Vespers). These need to be solid-white…a simple shirt and shorts are prefect.

Green & Gold attire – you will be placed on either our Odds team (green) or Evens team (gold), based on your cabin number. You won’t find out your cabin number until you arrive, so packing a few items for both teams is great. Some campers just wear a basic green/gold t-shirt and are all set to go. Other campers bring some crazy green/gold attire to spice-up their look. It’s really up to you. Our Greystone Store will also have some great options; some parents will wait until Opening Day when they find out their daughter’s cabin number to visit the Store and will then stock up on a green/gold items.

Clothes that can get messy – we do LOTS of fun events at camp, so throw in a t-shirt or two that you wouldn’t mind getting messy…you never know when you might need it.

For all of our sessions, make sure to also check our Spring Sparks magazine (coming in a few weeks) – we usually add a few packing tips to the Sparks based on some Evening Programs we have planned for the summer.

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At our Main camp session, we would also recommend bringing:

4th of July colors – we celebrate with a HUGE Carnival on the 4th of July, and girls LOVE dressing up the whole day in their red, white, and blue. A simple shirt or crazy outfit…once again, up to you.

Derby hat – many girls will bring a Derby hat for our big Derby celebration. Not everyone wears one, but if you have one, stick it in your bag.

Hillbilly clothes – we do a really fun Corn Roast Evening Program (a fun evening event filled with live music, dancing, and delicious BBQ-type food), and you’ll love wearing overalls, cut-off jean shorts, plaid, a straw hat, or something similar. You can also just sport pigtails and some freckles, and you’ll be all set!

Theme meals – we do have a few theme meals at our Main camp session – these are always a surprise, and we don’t announce what we are doing prior to the session. No need to bring anything…but if you have stick-on mustaches or silly country-themed attire at home (like Mexican, Chinese, etc.), throw it in! No need to buy anything though.

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A good thing to know: we have a GREAT costume closet that you can visit at any time if you want to find something fun to wear. Don’t worry about bringing everything – we will have so many fun ideas at camp already!!

Just remember, you DON’T need to go out and buy all of these things for the summer. Just pack what you have…Greystone girls can make anything work.

Current campers, are we forgetting anything important? If so, comment below.

We cannot wait to see you all dressed up this summer!