Our New Year's Resolutions

It’s almost 2017 (CRAZY!) which means it’s time to start making goals for the New Year. Whether it’s January or July, we’ve always loved goals at Greystone - they’re the best way to make sure you’re growing in the 4-Fold way every day.

To give you a peek into what we’re focussing on this January, we’ve rounded up our team’s goals for 2017. Whare are your goals for this New Year? Let us know!


  • Read more
  • Try not to lose my keys so much!


  • Never consume eggnog, cookies, cake, bread, or anything fattening ever again… (just kidding!)
  • Read the Bible every day


  • Get ready for Stumblers!


  • Start some other kind of exercise besides running
  • Wear real clothes in public instead of yoga pants (ha!)


  • Write down what I’m grateful for every day
  • Less Netflix, more reading!


  • Become more computer savvy with Alli’s help and patience!


  • Run a half marathon
  • Read lots of books!

Dr. Margaret

  • Figure out how to work the new phone Santa brought me!


  • Less TV, more reading!


  • Start planning Elizabeth’s wedding (!!)
  • Organize the attic!


  • Complete the Kayla Itsines workout program
  • Purge my house of all the junk I don’t need!