December Four-Fold Challenge

If you’ve been following along with our Four-Fold Challenge series this fall, you know that we only have one left - and it’s a fun one! We hope we’ve inspired you to incorporate a little bit of the Four-Fold Way into your life at home, and that it’s made your world just a little bit better.

Our FINAL challenge is…

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Ask our campers what their favorite part of the summer is, and a lot of them will say the relationships. Camp friendships really are the BEST - they’re genuine, joyful, and rooted in Christ. But that doesn’t have to stop when you leave the Greystone gates.

This month, we want you to focus on your friendships, camp and at home! Make sure to take a picture of what you do and send it to or use the hashtag #FourFoldChallenge to be entered to win a great prize.

  • Have a cell phone pile when you hang out with your friends or go out to dinner with your family. Practice focussing on the people you’re with, and don’t pick that phone up! (to make it even more fun, have a consequence for the person who looks at their phone first. Pay for dinner? Clean a siblings’ room? Get creative!)
  • Use your Green and Gold book to send Christmas cards to your camp friends and your counselor.
  • Make a phone date with your camp bestie to catch up.
  • Reach out to that girl you’ve always wanted to get to know. Don’t be afraid to be the one to do the inviting!
  • SMILE and say hello! Make it a point to smile at everyone you come across today and just see how many conversations it opens up.
  • Initiate a gift exchange with your class or group of friends. Silly or serious, you decide!
  • Instead of automatically watching a movie when you get together with your friends, why not play a game? Or go on a walk?
  • When you see your family during the holidays, ask your relatives those questions you’ve never asked. How did your grandma meet her husband? What was the best gift your mom ever got for Christmas? (extra points if you can reminisce with a Greystone alum!)

And so much more! What are you going to do this month to grow socially?