Welcome our Junior Camp Program Director: Alli Kilby!

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We have so many exciting things going on with the personnel at camp these days: a new intern, an engagement, and now it’s time to introduce our new Junior Camp Program Director Alli Kilby!

Well, Alli isn’t exactly “new” and many of you probably know and recognize her from her role in the kitchen each summer. For many years, Alli has been the Head Counselor in the kitchen, overseeing the staff and helping to cook our delicious Greystone food. No need to start the tear brigade - the food is not about to suffer due to Alli’s new role at camp; she will still be the kitchen Head Counselor during the summer – praises for this great food news! Instead, we have gotten lucky enough to snag Alli into a year-round position as well, heading up program for Junior Camp.

So what will Alli be doing in her role as Junior Camp Program Director? Alli will be designing and overseeing all of the classes that Junior campers take, as she comes up with fun new opportunities and keeps the great momentum going with the Junior Camp favorites. She will work hand-in-hand with the Cabin and Program Staff to make the Junior classes better than ever…we can’t wait!

As we welcome Alli into her new position, here are some facts to learn more about her:

  • Camper history: Main Camp camper for 7 years

  • Favorite activity as a camper: All the sports! I received the Landsports Cup my senior year.

  • Best camper memory: Two of my friends (Ann Truslow and Cristina Davis) and myself were pretty much the only participants in the hiking program my senior year. It was amazing to spend that time with each other in such a small group in the great outdoors. Those hikes are some of my favorites, and I continue to hike those same trails to this day.

  • Funniest camper memory: In Cabin 2, my good friend (and Maid of Honor) Ellen Bell and I decided we would constantly give each other wedgies. Ellen decided to give me one right at the swings at Carnival, and she pulled up my shorts as well as my underwear in front of many people!

  • Kitchen history: My last 3 years as a camper, I worked in the kitchen during June Camp. I led the Prep Area during my skip-year and have spent every summer since working my way up to Kitchen Head Counselor, making 2017 my 16th summer on staff.

  • Favorite camp food to eat: Any sort of tacos: Spice Rubbed Chicken Tacos, Tacos-in-a-bag, Fish Tacos

  • Favorite camp food to make: Mushroom risotto

  • Something we don’t know about working with Gervais: He is the most amazing teacher and is the biggest softy. My cooking skills, work ethic, ability to loosen up sometimes, and desire to try new things all come from working with Gervais. He can also grab loaves of bread with his bare hands out of a 500 degree oven.

  • Thing you’re most excited about for Junior 2017: Being a part of another side of Greystone; I’ve been a camper, a dish washer, and a kitchen counselor…now I will have the opportunity to go back to my Greystone roots and be more directly involved with the campers and camp counselors.

  • How you met your maintenance husband Josh: When you put a note on Grady’s Nail outside the kitchen, Josh is the “Grady” that takes care of your problem…I started asking for repairs to Hilltop (the kitchen girls’ house), and he went above and beyond for me. We then got married at camp in October of 2014 at Odd Point (even though I’m an Even at heart.)

  • Something we don’t know about you: I first went to Georgia Tech to study engineering. When I realized I wanted a more active job, I dropped out and lived with my parents for a year, and then finished school at UNC-Charlotte with a degree in Math with plans to teach at the high-school level.

  • Starbucks drink of choice: Double Tall Soy Latte

  • What you do when you’re not working: I’m currently “training” for the Bridge Run in Charleston next spring. Other than that, I like to read chick-lit and Young Adult books and food magazines, and I’m constantly wishing I had a vast knowledge of gardening.

We are more than excited to have Alli join our year-round crew. Any more questions for Alli? Comment below, and help welcome her to the Greystone crew!