Meet our New Intern: Caroline Giraud!

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We are so very lucky to have a new Intern joining our year-round crew. You know her, you love her…help us to welcome – Caroline Giraud!

Caroline is a camp veteran, this being her 5th summer on staff with us. Hailing from the High Adventure department, she served there for 4 years before joining the Head Staff team as a Group Leader this past summer. Caroline grew up in Birmingham, AL and cheered on the Tigers at Auburn during her college years. She now lives in Greenville, SC where she works full-time at camp as our 2016-17 Greystone Intern.

I asked Caroline some questions so you could get to know her even better; wonder how many of you knew some of these fun facts:

  • What you will be doing in your new Intern job: traveling around to hang out with our incredible counselors, brainstorming ideas of fun things to do next summer, starting to pray for summer 2017
  • What you are most looking forward to in the Intern position: doing things all year long that make camp awesome for campers and counselors
  • Favorite camp food: ham and apples
  • Favorite Evening Program: Carnival
  • Favorite thing to eat off the fruit or salad bar: granola, blueberries, and milk
  • What you get at Candy Shoppe: frit frat for life
  • Favorite camp activity: throwing the Frisbee on the pageant court after dinner
  • Activity you wish you could teach at camp: fencing; learned how during orientation and it was SO COOL
  • Funniest camp memory: getting the limo cart stuck in tentalow row and having to lift it up out of the mud
  • Something you learned this past summer: possums are marsupials and cheese puffs are gluten free
  • If I was running camp, I wish we could: have thirty minutes of pillow-talk before taps every night
  • Best memory from camp 2016: having Ellie Holcomb at Thunderhead during the rainstorm was AWESOME
  • What you miss most since camp has been over: I miss frolicking on the Pageant Court after EP
  • Hidden talent: would you rathers, being Elegant Eunice
  • Something we don’t know about you: I’ve got two younger brothers; they both go to Auburn and are so much fun!
  • What you do when you’re not working: reading, cooking, running, sitting on my porch with friends
  • Starbucks drink of choice: just a regular cup of coffee- keep it classic, ya know?
  • Anything else you want us to know: my spirit animal is a kangaroo, I once broke my finger playing flag football, I love watching sports and HGTV (not at the same time)

Anything else you want to know about Caroline? If so, comment below! We are so excited to have Caroline this year…we are so very lucky!