Vespers: A Greystone Tradition

Since 1920, Vespers has been one of the most beloved and anticipated Greystone traditions. On the nights of Opening and Closing Vespers, campers and counselors put on their whites and light their candles in honor of sincerity, courage, honesty, kindness, and truth. We love loud and crazy evening programs at camp, and they make quiet, contemplative nights like these even more special.

Stories are told and candles are lifted up as we learn to hold our light high as Christians. At the end of Main Camp, we float our candles out on the lake, watching them leave the shore like we will soon leave the Greystone bubble. It’s moments like these that make Vespers intensely special and memorable. Ask a Greystone girl from any decade and I bet she’ll tell you how much she cherishes her memories of Vespers!