Alumnae Reunion 2015

Each fall, we invite the alumnae to camp for a reunion and this past reunion had it all! And it was all for a great cause. All proceeds from the weekend went to benefit The Great Day Fund!

Everyone arrived at camp about the same time the rain from hurricane Joaquin started. “Greystone campers burned by the sun, whatcha gonna do when the rain does come? ….Just the same as any ol’ day!” We put on our raincoats and had flag before our “Opening Day Spaghetti” dinner. Later we gathered around the fire in White Hall to watch old Greystone movies and do crafts. We used the wood from the pine trees that used to line the lower road, to wood burn sets of coasters. Gervais and his crew joined us later with pizzas to enjoy as a late night snack. We were all cozy in our cabins that night with heaters on, windows closed and the sound of rain on the roof!

On Saturday, we woke to the sound of Odd and Even songs as our reveille! The staff decided to surprise us by scheduling Challenge day. We were each given odd/even cheerleading skirts, (that fit us all like aprons!) After breakfast club, we elected Captains and Lieutenants:

Odd Captain: Hilary Herring Smith, Odd Lieutenant: Laura Meherg Teel, Even Captain: Emily “Smith” Houts, Even Lieutenant: Patty Friend Douglass.

Challenge Day started in the pavilion with hysterical and fun games like human foosball, Greystone trivia, name that tune, the hoola-hoop relay, a dance contest and more. It was so much fun! After lunch, we finished our challenge day activities with a war canoe race, riflery and Greystone Groove. The Evens won!!

Jimboy and Margaret welcomed us into their home for a reception and we had the opportunity to hear Dana Cunningham play the piano. Dana was a counselor and group leader in the 80’s and 90’s. As a professional pianist, her impact is still felt each summer as her music is played for the girls each night after taps. Dana has been working on a new album of hymns coming out this year. We are all excited! I’ll let you all know when it comes out.

For our “Banquet”, we feasted on salmon, risotto, roasted broccoli, and bread pudding. We sang all or our favorite camp songs and, of course, there were awards given out and even “cups” were awarded! We also celebrated our combined weekend contribution to The Great Day Fund of over $21,000! We ended the night with a Talent Show. “We’ll laugh, we’ll sing, we’ll dance, we’ll play” explains it all! Heidi was there, so you know there was lots of singing and harmony!

On Sunday, we enjoyed a delicious brunch and then enjoyed worshipping together for church. Dana led us with an hour of hymns, prayer and reflection on all the God has for us. It was meaningful and profound. We were all grateful for our time together and loved every minute!