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There is no better way to relive Greystone’s first 100 years than with our Centennial Celebration tabletop book. This book is a fount of Greystone history, with pictures, archival items, and facts about each decade. You can read about each camp director, the traditions that have been a part of camp for decades, events in world history that affected particular summers at camp, and more. Whether you just leaf through the pages to view the beautiful images or read in detail about each decade, this book is a treasure that will stay on your coffee table for years to come.

The 100th Celebration Greystone tabletop book is a hardback book, featuring 430 pages of Greystone history. If you are attending the 100th Celebration Reunion in October 2019, you will receive a book as part of your registration fee and will receive your book at the reunion (books will not be mailed ahead of time). You may order additional books when you register for the reunion weekend.

If you are not attending the reunion, all ordered books will mail in October 2019 after our 100th Celebration Alumnae Reunion.

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Books will mail after the Reunion in October 2019.

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