Kicking off the Next Century!

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As Greystone looks forward to celebrating the next 100 years, we know some things for sure:
  • We will aim to glorify God through everything we do at camp, seeking to honor him with our next 100 years.
  • We will continue to hire the very best staff, as we look for Christian role models to lead and serve our camp community.
  • We will upgrade and maintain the facilities, improving them for future campers while keeping the history alive in the physical look and feel of camp.
  • We will stand strong on the traditions built over the past 100 years, using it as our stepping stone into 100 more years.
  • We look forward to welcoming new campers and those in financial need through the growth of our Great Day Fund.
  • We will continue to have fun! The campers of the next 100 years will look back and remember their time at Greystone fondly.

Thank you for being part of our first 100 years. We look forward to having you as part of our next 100 years!