Our Favorite Moments from Summer 2023

Summer 2023 was one for the record books, and we enjoyed so many fantastic moments with our campers. Today, we’re looking at some of the stand-out memories from the summer…but even with this long list, we could have kept going and going and going…there were just so many! Enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with us as we relive our favorites from 2023.

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Opening Day: The energy. The excitement. The bubbles. What more could you ask for? Always a favorite moment of the summer!

Decorated cars on Opening Day: Along with Opening Day, seeing all of the decorated cars pulling into the gates was so exciting. You girls are creative!

Cake Fights: Having a huge cake decorating competition is one thing, but when we let you break out into an epic cake fight at the end? Next level fun! We’ll always remember those smiles as you shoved that cake into your counselor’s face.

Hip Hop artist: We’ve enjoyed many talented musicians over the years, but we’ve never invited a Hip Hop artist to rock the Pavilion stage. What. A. Night.

The numerous big fish caught in the lake: Our campers have always been excellent anglers, but this year brought home some trophy catches. Some of these stand-out fish were as long as your arm!

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Summer birthday celebrations: You girls who are lucky enough to celebrate your birthday during the summer know how great the birthday celebrations were this year. Junior campers loved their morning donut deliveries, and the June, Main, and August campers enjoyed picnicking with their cabin on our Dining Hall porch, complete with fun hats and cookie cake. What a way to celebrate!

The Jimboy belly flop at Emerald City: When the crowd starts chanting your name, what else can a camp director do but hop up on that diving board and join in the belly flop competition? Jimboy was a true hero jumping in fully clothed!

The return of Aerial Yoga: A true highlight of the year was the return of Aerial Yoga. Campers LOVED this class, and it was a fan favorite from all who took it.

Gameshow town trips: This summer, the special cabin winners of our June and Main Gameshows enjoyed trips to town with their friends to enjoy a tasty meal in the big city of Hendersonville. The Waffle House and Chick-fil-A trips were a definite favorite summer memory.

Nurse hats: How do you help campers remember to take their meal-time meds? Nurse hats for the win! What stunners.

Ice cream in a bag: It was the summer of ice cream in a bag. Bonus points for groups that stopped by the blackberry bushes at the Farm Barn and added toppings to their ice cream!

Dancing after EP: While post-EP dancing happens ever year, it continues to be a summer moment that is just magical. The outdoor stage added to the Shepherd’s Gazebo in 2021 has made this a favorite nightly ritual for many campers.

Camping overnights: Our new Outdoor Skills class had some diehard fanatics, and after completing specific skills in class, these girls were able to enjoy an overnight under the stars (in their homemade tents!). What a fun night in camp.

Taylor Swift day: That I didn’t start with Taylor Swift day is truly the most surprising part of this post, but I think everyone can agree that the surprise, the shirts, the listen party, the face glitter, the songs playing over the loudspeaker between each class…a day to remember.

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Themes in cooking: From Starbucks morning to Barbie Day, you girls loved seeing what was in store when you walked through those White Hall doors. A treat orchestrated by Mrs. Katherine herself!

Council Fire renovation: One of the best renovations we’ve done in a while, the Council Fire refresh made some of our traditional events especially memorable this year. Opening Vespers at Main Camp was an event we will remember for a long time.

Day trips: From mountain biking to river paddling to hiking, our out-of-camp daytrips were a blast. You should have seen the line after Rest Hour each day to sign up for our most popular hiking spots – camper favorite moments for sure!

August Camp Talent Show: Are all the Talent Shows amazing? Yes. Is the August Talent Show just a touch more winsome and delightful? Absolutely. From dancing to skits to ventriloquism, we will remember that show for a long time!

Main Camp Art Show: Moving locations to create a “festival feel” for the Art Show made for a fantastic, relaxed viewing of the beautiful artwork created by our campers. With a street performer and some live demonstrations, it was an especially fantastic event.

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Zip lining over the Pageant Court: Who would have thought that Mary Poppins could zipline across the Pageant Court during Flag to kick off the start of the Senior Play? Epic!

All the cute animals: This isn’t exactly a specific favorite memory, but this summer was filled to the brim with cute animals that were loved by all our campers. Nothing like snuggling a baby goat to make you smile!

Clubs: Our Main campers enjoy a Club period where their final afternoon class is left up to their own interests on that particular day. The incredibly unique and cool classes that our counselors pulled off for this Club period were impressive (songwriting and advanced diving and sun sisters and comedy club and flight club and many more!).

STEM class: Junior Camp enjoyed so many fun classes this summer, but seeing the girls engaged in STEM class was exciting! The girls loved trying this fun addition to the Greystone schedule, and we hope to see it return in 2024.

Greystone After Hours: Saving a personal favorite until the end, our late-night Main Camp event was SO. MUCH. FUN. Made better by an approaching storm, everyone loved the s’mores, glow pickleball, sparklers, light-up accessories, and of course the Silent Disco!

Greystone girls, what did we leave off the list that makes your list of favorite memories from the summer? Let us know below!

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