Sunday, August 6

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We started our day with a morning run. Almost everyone in camp showing up for Stumblers (our running club). Stumblers is a club my father started many years ago, copying the Todds Road Stumblers in Lexington, Kentucky (established by his friend Alex Campbell, who always invited my father for a Sunday run with his “club”). We run or walk two laps around our beautiful 1.5-mile river trail. The experience is spectacular. The first runners always see the most wildlife (grazing deer, roosting birds, nesting ducks, and perhaps the elusive otters or beavers returning to their den after a long night). From the trail, we are treated to breathtaking views of camp, river, wetlands, and mountains, but few seem to notice as they talk nonstop about the week past and the week to come.

After completing the run, they are given this year’s Stumblers T-Shirt. They will cherish this shirt because it is one that was paid for with hard work. Many of the girls have not ever run this far; they are rightfully proud of the accomplishment and ready for breakfast.

Sundays feature a different (slower) schedule that is appropriate for long showers, cleaning cabins, church, and free activities. We serve a buffet breakfast, then give plenty of time for long hot showers and deep cabin clean-up before Sunday School and Church. Our minister is from Spartanburg (Dan Strull, a retired minister, former men staff member, married a Greystone Girl, daughters all came to camp for many years, and now his oldest granddaughter is an August camper). He knows how to teach children, and he is a wonderful preacher. If you can, listen to the message when you get the time. After Rest Hour, we will have afternoon activities and a picnic dinner.

Tonight, we will enjoy a Movie in the FORT, where we set up a giant inflatable screen and matching sound system. We will pick a fun movie, something that will elicit cheers when announced, and serve treats to enjoy during the show.

This will be a very packed week, so today, we will recharge our batteries for the final push to the finish line. Everyone is already talking about tomorrow’s Carnival and the next day’s Birthday Ball (all the birthday girls are invited to dinner at Jimboy & Margaret’s house) and Talent Show. Every day is better than the one before, and the girls are already anticipating a happy reunion with you on Friday.

It is shaping up to be a remarkable summer. We have been greatly blessed and are so happy to be looking back on the past three months with no regrets. We prayed for The Lord to once again ‘bless this camp’. That the girls would not only be safe, but have fun, make friends, and learn skills… that they would gain confidence and think of Jesus in a friendly way. Today, we say thank you.

It’s A Great Day!

The Day’s Details:

  • Breakfast: Buffet with sweet Georgia muffins, cereal, yogurt, fruit,
  • Weather: Partly cloudy, humid 87 degrees, beautiful and hot!
  • Lunch: Lasagna
  • Dinner: Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, leftover buffet
  • EP: Movie in the FORT