Happy Campers

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August is a month when many families choose to tour camp. They are often completely new to Greystone and want to check it out in person. They always notice the confident, happy, outgoing, sweet expressions of the girls walking around camp. Greystone is a fairly large place (150 acres, 120 buildings), but campers of every age are right at home. As soon as the bell rings, girls explode from every corner of the facility, walking and running to their next class. Sometimes alone and often in clusters, they tell more about the camp experience than anything else on the tour. At this session, the girls are particularly young, and it is impressive to see them “playing the camp game” so well.

Camp builds confidence, grit, communication skills, and resilience. As you dropped your girls off on opening day, we saw tears in some eyes as you pulled out. You are happy and nostalgic at the same time. Camp is a wonderful opportunity and provides a growth experience that will enhance her life tremendously. We hope that every camper will be stronger and better equipped to handle life’s challenges after this experience. You will notice the difference next week. You will see how much she has grown and how much confidence she has gained. This confidence was on full display yesterday.

We had a big rainstorm in the afternoon, just as predicted (many of you experienced the same storm system, it wasn’t very bad here but we did have a gusty rain). The girls embraced the storm like Greystone girls always have (running back to their cabins after we canceled 7th period). It was just another fun moment in our day! The Birthday Ball and Talent Show last night were delightful, we love a talent show, and this was a good one!

Today is a beautiful sunny day and will provide the perfect setting for our big Carnival this evening!! The girls are very excited about Carnival and have been talking about it from the very beginning of camp. Yesterday’s slight delay just increased their anticipation. Now that the big day has arrived, our excitement is through the roof! They love the inflatable rides that we rent for the occasion (it takes both the softball and soccer fields to fit them in). They love the food tents, each providing a treat worthy of any carnival anywhere. Funnel Cakes, Fried Pickles, Fried Mac & Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Chicken & Waffles, Meatballs on a stick, Cotton Candy, Cookies with icing, and popsicles will be served simultaneously all night long! Eat what you want (we limit the “junk food” to one item only, but it is still a lot of food)—no wonder they love this tradition so much.

We are doing fine and are REALLY excited about EVERYTHING!

  • Breakfast Truck Drivers Special (homemade biscuits and gravy)
  • Weather 83 degrees, sunny.
  • Lunch Parmesan Chicken & Caesar Salad
  • Dinner Carnival Food!