Breakfast Club

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Some of you might wonder about Breakfast Club. I feature it in the the Blog but haven’t really explained its purpose. It plays an important part in our daily routine and fulfills an important role in our camp experience. If you understand Breakfast Club you will understand much of what it means to be a Greystone Girl, so this blog will present a little history lesson.

My father invented Breakfast Club in the 70s so he would have a role in camp life. You see, he married into the business (my mother always knew she wanted to run camp, he supported her in that calling) and quickly learned that in order to fit in at camp he needed to add something important to the camper experience.

My mother was the Director (counseling the campers and counselors 24 hours a day). My grandmother led our camp traditions (Vespers, Council Fire, Honor Council, Queens Ball, etc.). So Daddy identified ways to add a new twist to the daily routine. One of the first things he noticed was that breakfast was subdued (almost boring… Mama wasn’t a “morning person”). He thought it could use some fun! He also thought that our camp philosophy “To Glorify God” was hard to understand (what do you do?). So he chose a verse of scripture that encapsulated what glorifying God meant to a child. Luke 2:52 “And the child grew in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and man.” This immediately was adopted as the camp “Great Day” philosophy: We are made to grow every day in four areas of life (Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Social)… Voila!

His life experience taught him to actively improve (grow) every day… that this was how he made every day a Great Day. That truly great days glorify God. He looked for examples from real life and found them everywhere. He listened to motivational speakers like Dennis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, and Dale Carnege, finding truth in their talks then working their quotes into his camp talks. He added routines to the camper morning routine (clap your hands and say “It’s Going to be a Great Day”) and ended every Breakfast Club with a silly “dad joke”. It made for a compelling improvement to the camper experience, the girls loved it, and we became more effective in our mission. We carry on the tradition to this day.

The sun is shining and it looks like we will have wonderful weather for the rest of August Camp. Our daily routine work is a thing of wonder as the girls move as one whenever the bugle blows or the bell rings. Campers and counselors alike sing camp songs loudly and quickly get quiet when we make announcements. It is a great day and we feel terrific.

We will end the day with the Counselor Talent Show, which everyone (campers and counselors alike) are REALLY excited about. The campers love seeing counselors on stage doing silly skits and the counselors love performing for the girls. By this point in the summer their acts are well honed and very good. It will be the best counselor talent show of the summer and we can’t wait!

The Details:

  • Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy
  • Breakfast Club: The importance of exercise
  • Joke: In Stink (about a skunk)
  • Weather: Nice partly cloudy 82-degree day.
  • Moonphase: Waning Gibbous (90% full but moonrise is after taps, so we will not see it)
  • Lunch: Shepherds Pie, peas
  • Dinner: Chicken Filet Sandwiches, sweet potato fries
  • EP: Counselor Talent Show