Thursday July 26

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Closing Vespers was lovely… the Honor Council did an amazing job speaking to the “important things” of camp. Their insights were keen, having been honed over many years loving this place, and the girls listened with rapt attention as the sun slowly set below the mountains. The sky turned pink, and the moon shone brightly as we lit our candle “boats,” put them in the water, and sang praise songs softly, surrounded by our friends. It was perfect in many ways… we particularly enjoyed a funny moment when the campers took a break from the sentimental favorite songs and surprisingly broke into “Silent Night”. It was a nice ending to our “Christmas in July” celebration. I bet this classic Christmas hymn will always remind this group of this summer at Greystone!

The nostalgia continues today. Plane letters will consume much of our time as we take the opportunity to attempt the impossible: writing down our feelings about another person as a private goodbye. Plane letters are written with the expectation of not being opened until after camp (ideally alone with time to process the words). Back in the ’80s, half of camp would fly home. They would awake early and be loaded onto buses, dropped at airports, taken to gates, and seated on planes. Once in their seat on the plane, the letter can be opened and carefully read. These letters elicit tears and laughter when read. They are still an important part of camp tradition, and they are rightfully treasured for a lifetime.

Breakfast Club featured the “Frog and Scorpion” story and the “Donut, not the Hole” conclusion. Morning assembly was on Luke 17, Jesus heals the ten lepers. Campers can attend classes or watch the tennis championship matches that will finish just before lunch. The dining hall is being transformed with theme decorations that are top secret, and we will eat our Taco in a Bag picnic on a lazy late-July picture-perfect day. We end with the big banquet, which even 17-year-olds anticipate with giddy excitement. It is a glorious way to spend our last day together.

Be very careful traveling to and from camp. We will look forward to welcoming you to Greystone tomorrow morning. When you arrive, consider picking up your bags before you walk up the hill to the cabin. It is nice to have that “work” done, just make sure your daughter confirms that nothing was missed!

Thank you again for sharing your girls. It has been an honor.