Sunday July 23

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I mark the progression of each summer on Sundays. Main Camp has four of them, each one serving as a touchstone for the week. The passage of time is seldom appreciated as much as it is at camp. In this place, our moments are keenly felt by all. Sundays are the day when this reality is particularly noted.

The Sunday routine is good. Our slow yet busy mornings, culminating with church in the FORT, are an inspiration. Stumblers on the River Trail followed by sweet Georgia muffins and fruit for breakfast and unhurried time in the cabin make for a perfect morning routine. The poignancy of praise songs during church can bring a tear to my eye (everyone singing loudly, without inhibition, and with smiles of delight) and sermons prepared by a friend. The enveloping quiet of rest hour that covers camp like a blanket for such a long time in the afternoon is sweet beyond description. The steady murmur of voices that fill the campus during free-time activities. Concerts or Council Fires ending the day. Each of these moments is repeated on Sunday; each occurs sequentially and most of them are only experienced this way on Sunday. They combine to form a sweet touchstone for our summer memories.

For Greystone girls, camp Sundays become the standard by which all future Sundays will be measured. Most will pale in comparison, particularly when comparing to this last Sunday of Main Camp. It will be a cloudy Sunday (the best kind, in my opinion). The clouds will keep temperatures comfortable as we enjoy the routine. The Great Day 5-K started promptly at 8:00 with about 50 runners competing. Stumblers began shortly afterward, with virtually every camper enjoying a couple of laps on the River Trail and receiving their 2023 shirt.

The clouds that are keeping our temperatures so comfortable might also bring rain at some point in the day. It is possible that Council Fire will again be impacted (it rained for about 15 minutes the last time we met… depending on the circumstances, we might meet in the FORT). It rained last night before EP, heavy enough for us to consider postponing the Watershow, but we rolled the dice and it stopped just in time. The show went off without a hitch and was perhaps the best we have ever experienced. We even got a backdrop of pink sunset clouds with dark centers for dramatic flair.

Thank you for checking on your girls, for caring about this place, for your prayers, for your unfailing support. We are grateful.