Our Biggest Shows

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Production Night was shockingly good. Each dance and every musical performance outstanding in every detail. The costumes, the timing (during and between acts), the choreography… every detail combined seamlessly and made the performance shine. I admit that I wear “camp glasses” during the summer. I don’t go to “real” performances, watch outside media, or see anything other than campers and counselors doing their best with no inhibitions about being silly or making a mistake. They probably aren’t perfect performances, but they are authentic reflections of genuine talent by delightful friends… how could we not give standing ovations in such circumstances… but these Main Camp shows are different. They are amazingly good, particularly this year.

The productions build on eachother, with anticipation now at a high point as we begin the biggest performances of the summer. First is the Watershow tonight, then the Senior Play on Monday. These will provide our culminating performances of the year, and we can’t wait!

Watershow starts with Watersports Day (our last big team competition of the year). Classes have been canceled as we rotate five areas where campers compete to win points for their team. The morning ends with a war canoe race (in the fully restored, 28-foot-long, Old Town wooden canoes…beautifully restored by a Greystone legend, Perry White, several years ago). The winning team will receive the coveted “bear” for the rest of camp. After ALL this buildup, we will end the day with our world-famous Water Show. I say world-famous because it is really unique. Not many places celebrate synchronized swimming the way we do at Greystone. More than half of the campers will participate in ten “dances” that take place in the water. It is lovely, particularly in this setting. The Western sky changes from blue to gold to pink then to purple over the course of the evening. We watch the moonrise and the stars come out while enjoying the last acts. It really is amazing and a highlight of the summer for many of us.

Thanks for checking in. Life is good as we enjoy our last weekend at camp.

  • Breakfast Waffles and sausage
  • Lunch Mongolian Beef and Broccoli
  • Dinner Chicken Piccata
  • Weather 79 degrees, overcast but clearing as the day passes
  • EP Water Show