More of the Same

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Another beautiful morning… another hot summer day… another great memory from another great evening program… more DMCs are being scheduled… more levels will be passed… more events will be anticipated… this is the story of camp in mid-July. It is a story that we have consistently created for generations and one that is wonderful in many ways.

It is difficult to describe how all of these facets are experienced by the girls, for each one will deeply connect to a different aspect of the whole. Some girls have found they have a passion for knitting, carrying their supplies everywhere with needles and yarn pulled onto their laps no matter what other activity occurs at the time. Some are memorizing lines, looking off in the distance as they slowly walk to class with their lips silently moving (occasionally glancing down at the well-worn script grasped in hand). Some are counting down the hours till cooking class (where each day brings a new theme of food entertainment) or archery (which is experiencing a huge resurgence of interest with the new bows), or metal jewelry (where complicated projects are now getting finished by the day). Evening Programs are a MAJOR focus as each one surprises, raising the bar for what has always been a highly anticipated part of the day. And cabin life (from reveille, to rest hour, to tuck-ins and taps) is proving to be a constant golden thread of connection that is more appreciated with every passing day.

We are bonded to this place and committed to each other in a powerful way. The connection is already so strong we can not quite imagine how painful it will be to end it abruptly in two weeks. Most girls do not yet realize that the two-week countdown has begun, but everyone can see that our days are shorter than they were three weeks ago. It is quite dark when we are dismissed from EP, and the sun does not break the horizon much before reveille. When days shorten by 2 minutes a day, the one hour lost in three weeks is a surprising change in our world. It puts us in mind how precious each day is. Tears will be an added facet of our camp experience late next week… they will emphasize the significance of this experience and be soothed with the comfort of good friends by our side.

Corn Roast (aka Corn Fest) was a delightfully entertaining change of pace. Highlights would include the pontoon boat rides by cabin group on Lake Summit, hay rides around camp, fly fishing on the shores of Lake Edith, carnival games for tickets and fabulous prizes, and lassoing lessons by the men staff). The corn was once again the highlight of the evening (with over 1000 ears of corn shucked just before dunking in a vat of butter and handed to a hungry girl), but the bbq was also a hit (we did a new Asian/Sothern fusion sauce that the girls loved). Oh yes, we also loved the root beer served cold from kegs delivered this week from Louisiana… such a huge treat! The surprise t-shirts will surely be a treasured memento of the occasion.

Breakfast: Fritatta

Breakfast Club: Exercise

Joke: Complementary Peanuts

Weather: 85 degrees, sunny, chance of rain in the afternoon

Lunch: Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Pimento Cheese, Croissants

Dinner: Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Peas

EP: Rotating Group Program (either water fun at pool/putt cove or cake decorating)