Memorable Moments

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Our big picnic/festival/pickleball tournament was adjusted at the last minute due to rain (despite only a slight chance of rain forecasted). We dismissed in cabin groups from their cabins to get their picnic dinners which they ate back in the cabin due to a thunderstorm. It was a moment to celebrate two things:

  1. The FORT (which makes EPs EASY)!
  2. The Counselors (Program Staff broke down the festival and moved it into the FORT during the downpour).

The night was a huge success! More memorable moments were added to our 2023 collection.

Today we will once again pass levels (Gabby will catch her 100th fish of the summer, a record unlikely to be broken any time soon). We will once again read books (at this point, many girls are glued to books that have captured their imaginations). We will have DMCs, take naps, play cards, harvest blackberries, sing songs, dance, roll down the pagent court lawn, and stomp in mud puddles. It is, indeed, the golden time of the summer, and we are glad.

Every day is filled with surprising news… the kind of news that is jaw-dropping, but nobody in the entire world knows (or cares) about. Yesterday I learned, much to my surprise and delight, that it is possible that Pop Tart (our miniature horse) is pregnant thanks to Jack the miniature donkey! This news has not been shared with the girls (it is not confirmed yet)… but if it is true, we might have a mini mule next year just in time for camp! I share this with you, the fanatics, only. Savor this newfound knowledge!

While the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing record-breaking heat this summer, we are continually surprised at how pleasant the temperatures have been. On Sunday, the forecast called for high temperatures of 88 degrees today. Currently, it is 72 and rising to a high of 79 or 80. Showers are the predicted reason for the cooler temperatures, which suits us fine. Chances are those showers will hit during rest hour, allowing us to sleep for a few more minutes and prepare for the big EP tonight.

Senior Celebration is one of our most special EPs, for it is a moment where our Senior group (our largest ever) will entertain the camp with a huge talent show and be honored in several ways. As each of the one hundred and twenty-eight girls is introduced, she will feel the moment’s significance. A memorable moment they have anticipated will arrive and be enjoyed. They are growing up and approaching more moments of significance as their high school years approach a conclusion. The summer camp years are drawing to a close, and this provides a moment to look back and look forward. It is a very sweet time.

Every girl will perform (sometimes with their cabinmates by their side). Such an agenda turns into a long program that will be marked by laughter and tears. The last portion of the evening will feature the presentation of the Senior Court (honored by their peers for embodying the Honor Code and Spirit of Greystone this summer). Afterward, the seniors will have a super fun party at Whitehall. They will hold hands during a special group devotion and be given silver charms (handcrafted by Marilyn for the Seniors every year) and cards hand-written by their counselors. These cards are wonderful beyond words and very time-consuming for the Senior counselors. The cards affirm the character traits we love about these girls in a very specific way. They will be cherished mementos of the summer and treasured for a lifetime. The entire night is wonderful and worthy of the moment.

Things might be going crazy in the real world, but here in the bubble, life is about perfect. We anticipate every day with keen interest. The girls chatter constantly, the murmur of little voices not stopping at normal times… it is hard to settle them down for announcements because there is much to be excited about! Every class is important (as they strive to finish projects and pass levels), every EP a big deal (each one marked on the calendar… every moment steeped in traditions and keenly anticipated). The girls know that time is running short, and they are excited but also nostalgic. One of the best parts about camp is its ability to make a 10-year-old feel nostalgic. This fact is felt by all at this point in the summer.

Thanks for caring about our details and making it all possible!

  • Breakfast Ham and Cheese Bagel
  • Weather 80, rain likely
  • Moonphase Waxing Crescent
  • Lunch Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Soba Noodles, dirt pie for dessert
  • Dinner Pork Tenderloin, tomato pie, Bread Pudding
  • EP Senior Celebration
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