Full Hearts

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Our last Sleep-Late-Friday began with blue skies, no breeze, cool temperatures, and the promise of a wonderful day. Our hearts are full from last night’s production of Seussical the Musical (which was wonderful, went a bit late, and was celebrated with a standing ovation) and the anticipation of tonight’s Production Night (where literally hundreds of campers will perform numbers that are now honed to perfection). Not only that, but everyone is aware of the clicking clock. One week from today we will be home. Such an abrupt change of circumstances is deeply felt and elicits a wide range of emotions.

This is an emotionally complicated time in the summer. There is excitement, appreciation for the moment, affection for friends, and a lurking awareness of the end. When camp ends next week, we will feel a hole in our hearts that is very hard to explain. I will not try to do it today; perhaps I will not even do so later because the description eludes me year after year. All I know is that when camp ends, everyone feels a deep sense of loss while at the same time feeling a deep sense of joy. It is a wonderful feeling best expressed with tears, not words.

With no protective cloud cover camp will be hot today (high of 86). Waterpark, Canoeing, Free Swim, Syncro, Diving, Kayaking, Sailing, and Putt Cove Fun will all be making full use of the water. It will be a glorious day to be in the lake!

Thank you for checking in and for appreciating Greystone. I am always surprised that so many people read the blog. The fact that you care is a huge encouragement… your virtual presence is joined by the “cloud of witnesses” that one is aware of during the special moments of the summer. My ancestors loved this place; thousands of campers and counselors from bygone eras also did so. I can’t help but believe that The Holy Spirit also does so. Much good is accomplished in the hearts of these girls, and we pray that He will be glorified in this community.


  • Breakfast: Surprise Chic-Fil-A with the sleep late picnic
  • Weather: Hot (86 degrees)
  • Lunch: Sweet Potato Tacos
  • Dinner: Pizza (see video)
  • EP: Production Night
  • Moon phase: 12% Waxing Crescent (will be beautiful)