Do Nothing

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We announced yesterday that today would be “Do Nothing Day”… a day that could only be this exciting after the kind of week we’ve just had. This middle week of Main Camp is marked by high point after high point. Thinking all the way back to last Friday, we have enjoyed Taylor Swift Day, a surprise Drew and Ellie Holcomb concert, 5 Year, a Peabod concert, Group Night, Waffle House Jeopardy, Corn Roast, and our second Rotating Group Night (water fun and cake decorating) - and that is just the Evening Programs!

Each day comes with a hundred smaller high points of its own: a really great meal in the Dining Hall, an unexpected dance party, a silly joke that makes you laugh so hard you cry.

This is the kind of week you’ll hear stories about all year, and it culminated last night in a huge surprise late-night event unlike anything we’ve done at camp before! The Seniors helped us announce at lunch that all of camp was invited down to the Fort at 9 pm for “Greystone After Dark.” We rented professional black lights (that arrived on a semi-truck from Nashville) that turned everything they touched day-glow. The pickleball courts turned into glow-pickelball and the Fort became glow-silent disco. We also had lanterns, sparklers, s’mores, and light-up accessories galore on the soccer field. A plane flying overhead would have wondered what was going on at Greystone!

The majority of camp joined the silent disco party where they could choose between three playlist channels (one just of Taylor Swift songs, of course!). The headphones were very cool - they blocked out all sound except for the music so you could really sing those lyrics with abandon! Just as rain started to fall, we brought out hot pizza delivery and all moved into the Fort for a final few songs. We were in bed by 10:30 and very ready for a sleep late today!

And that brings us to Do Nothing Day… the deafening screams in the Dining Hall when we announced our plans for the day told the story. “Doing nothing” at home can feel a little boring, a little lazy, or just a little “blah.” But doing nothing at camp is pure bliss! After a sleep-late breakfast, girls are welcome to go back to sleep, hang out in their cabins, or sit in the white chairs for an extended DMC.

We will also have some laid-back activities going all morning like a movie, karaoke, tye-die, or making friendship bracelets. Lunch and Rest Hour will continue as normal and this afternoon, we’ll gather as a full camp down in the Fort for a cabin vs. cabin trivia extravaganza! This is sure to be the highest of high points in a week full of them.

One note: as this is a true “do nothing day,” there won’t be any morning photos. Regular photo uploads will resume tonight, and in the meantime, we’d encourage you to look at the Greystone After Dark pictures from last night. The joy of events like these is hard to capture, but it will give you a glimpse of the fun!

Thank you for giving these girls the camp experience. Looking out of my office as I write this, I can see campers sitting in small groups all across camp - on the see-saws, on the fishing dock, and even doing some mid-morning karaoke in the Shepherd’s Gazebo. We’re moving slowly and soaking in the time with each other - how often do we get this chance out in the “real world?” Even in the fun and excitement of big Evening Programs and events, there is a stillness and peace here in the bubble that allows campers and counselors alike to take a deep breath and experience a true sense of rest that can only come from God. Camp is good and camp is needed. Thank you for partnering with us!

Breakfast Buffet: French Toast sticks, sausage, fruit, granola

Lunch: Hamburgers and french fries

Dinner: Croque Monsieur

Weather: High of 84 degrees, chance of rain in the afternoon (perfect for a do-nothing day!)

EP: Birthday Ball and Camper Talent Show

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