A Shout Out

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Our counselors love staff meetings. The more meetings we have, the more connected they feel to each other and to our camp mission… meetings are great if the meetings are good (if that makes sense)! So we have short 5-minute huddles after lunch every day to give specific instructions and share a word of encouragement. On Sunday we have a long meeting at night that provides unlimited time for “shout-outs” (counselors encouraging other counselors specifically by name and for specific things). These shout outs are wonderful for they encourage and inspire in unexpected ways.

Counselors see the girls at their best and at their worst. They see the moments of delight and the moments of despair. Theirs is the very definition of an informed opinion… and when we put them together and allow them the chance to talk about their experiences, they come away feeling good about camp and their months spent working here. Their shout outs are a huge blessing to this place and have inspired me to do this more often both here and in the “real world”.

So today I give a shout-out to our camp minister Reid Jones. He gave his last sermon yesterday, and it was wonderful. Listen if you want to be encouraged… it is a great sermon about building faith when you don’t know if it’s working for you. He gave the best illustration I have ever heard on the subject of faith… If you are one of those people that prefer to just skip the best part, go to 23:40 and listen to the fly fishing story. Wonderful.

It’s Monday and we have a VERY busy week ahead of us, so I will give just a few details so you know exactly what has been going on.

COUNCIL FIRE… Rain arrived as we gathered to walk up the hill. The clouds appeared out of nowhere, distant thunder rumbled, we considered meeting in the FORT as a precaution but rolled the dice on the Council Fire venue and it turned out great. A wonderful night!

WEATHER… looks perfect for the remainder of camp. Highs in the 80s, clear skies, slight chance of rain, nice moon phase.

WAFFLE HOUSE… sent a whole team of cooks to provide a Waffle House experience to the winners of the Waffle House EP (about 100 girls). The cooks absolutely loved coming out (who knew this was something they offered but apparently they do it sometimes for important clients!). The girls ate a ton of food (over 300 waffles). Gotta do this again.

MARY POPPINS; SENIOR PLAY… is tonight. HUGE EP. Can’t wait

  • Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches (sausage, egg, and cheese on English muffins)
  • Lunch: Carne Asada
  • Dinner: Picnic BBQ Pork Sliders