Self Image

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Body image… This subject is still a major problem for many people. It is one of those things that has always been a burden for our campers (even in those years when we did not admit it was a problem). Fifty years ago, we had a beauty pagent at camp where awards were given for such things as the “best legs” in camp. What was “normal” camp fun in the 60’s now strikes us as “wrong,”… and I am glad it does! The cruel reality is that when such awards are given out, it leads to most girls feeling bad about the way God made them… and that is SO WRONG. Jesus was not a man who was known for his beauty (it is NEVER mentioned, apart from Isaiah, who wrote that the Messiah would not be “comely to look upon”). God does not want us to focus on the outside but on the inside. Our best life is found in worshiping Jesus and letting the Holy Spirit transform us into new creatures with kind hearts that reflect His love. Perhaps our culture’s obsession with beauty has been getting less toxic in recent years, but it is still a problem

Breakfast Club’s talk was on this subject. I encouraged the girls to be kind to themselves when they look in the mirror. God made them exactly right, and they should celebrate those details and trust that God makes no mistakes. Don’t let others destroy this “right perspective” in your heart. Be thankful and spread joy to others with kindness.

Today is Saturday… the best day of the week for many of us in a typical week! Saturday marks the high water point of the weekend. A day for “mindless” tasks that provide a sense of accomplishment (mowing the lawn, washing the car, organizing the garage, doing some shopping). A day to have fun… play golf, go to the club, catch a movie, eat dinner with friends. A day of great possibility. Many will skip reading the blog on the weekends, and I don’t blame them! We hope they enjoy the time!

Tonight will be our last “Rotating Group Night” EP… The counselors are now experts on these fun programs, knowing exactly how to set up, run, and clean up each event. Every detail works perfectly. This smoothness will be enhanced by the perfect weather. Temperatures in the 70’s, no chance of rain. All EP’s from now on will be big events and the girls are anticipating each and every one. It is going to be a great week… We can’t wait!

  • Breakfast Sausage Links, Bagles
  • Joke Ike Pike and Mustard, “Pass the Bacon, Pig”
  • Lunch BLT, Hot Fudge Brownie
  • Dinner Meatloaf with mashed potoates

Have a Great Day!