Countdown to Junior Carnival

By this point in Junior Camp, we are seeing these campers really start to thrive. Camp is an amazing experience. It builds resilience, confidence, social skills, and spiritual growth… and it’s also just plain fun! Both campers and counselors feel the impact when they are in this kind of encouraging, joy-filled community.

We see it in different ways. We saw it last night during Group Night when campers from different cabins were becoming friends while roasting marshmallows. We hear the eager chatter in the Dining Hall during meals. We watch them ask other campers instead of counselors where classes are located in camp. We listen to the silence in camp when the counselors are leading their girls in a devotion at Lights Out.

Tonight’s Evening Program is a big one: CARNIVAL! Dinner and EP are combined into one event as we set everything up like a State Fair. The girls will have an hour and a half of pure joy running from food booth to inflatable ride and back to food. They will feast on grilled cheese, chicken ‘n waffle cones, watermelon slices, cotton candy, ice cream sandwiches, funnel cake, mac and cheese bites, and fried pickles. We bring in six gigantic inflatable rides ranging from a bounce house to an obstacle course. Throughout it all, we have music playing and the girls dancing. It is a true highlight of Junior Camp every year!

Breakfast: Frittata (Baked egg casserole), Grits, Sausage, Fruit Bar
Lunch: Poppyseed Chicken
Dinner: Carnival

Jimboy’s Breakfast Club: Jimboy explained the easiest way to focus on Spiritual Growth is through Prayer and just talking to God whenever you have a moment. Side note: This was the second day in a row that his “short” story joke fell flat to the campers. The counselors had to explain the punch line!

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