And We're Off!

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Opening Day of Junior Camp is better than Christmas! We have been preparing for this day since last August, and we are thrilled to finally welcome our first campers of 2023 to Greystone! Thank you for making today a reality and for sharing your girls with us. We are honored to have all 354 of them here.

I will be writing this Blog daily to help fill you in on what your daughters are experiencing this week at Greystone. She’ll get to play outside, try new activities, and make lots of friends, but she’ll also grow in confidence and independence. On Closing Day, we hope you’ll say “My, how you’ve grown!”

We take many pictures every day, so make sure to check those out! We will post pictures in your camp account twice a day: at lunch (about 1:00pm) and after Evening Program (about 9:00pm). Scrolling through the pictures will give you a great look at our day, but you can also view tagged photos of your daughter through the Campanion app or Waldo.

The campers are currently running around camp completing their Swim Checks, taking cabin photos, and participating in fun activities all over to give them an unofficial tour of the grounds. The weather has held out more than anticipated, and the girls are in high spirits knowing we’re serving them hot chocolate after Swim Checks! We have added additional blankets to all cabins to make sure they’re extra cozy tonight as well.

Tonight will be our first official meal in the Dining Hall. We’ll enjoy Opening Night Spaghetti, Salad Bar, Fresh Baked Bread and welcome all of our new campers as “old Greystone girls” after their first meal at camp - a camp tradition!

We’ll then enjoy our first EP (Counselor Talent Show), our first crackers (a small snack of Nilla wafers campers can grab before bed), first cabin devotions and tuck-ins, first Taps, and first night of sleep in a cabin. It’s going to be chilly, but we will make sure that the campers are warm and cozy in their beds!

We know the girls are going to wake up tomorrow so excited for their first full day of classes and fun! We are so grateful to have you as a part of our Greystone family. We Love Your Girls and cannot wait for this week with them!

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