Giving Tuesday: Support Future Greystone Girls with Your Contribution

It’s Giving Tuesday, and for the first time ever, we are asking you to join us in celebrating this international day of philanthropy! It’s a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Greystone campers, and we want you to be a part of it.

We’re calling on the Greystone Family to join us by making a gift to provide scholarships for future Greystone girls. Why do we need scholarships? Keep reading to hear the backstory on why you are needed this year more than ever!

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Being a Camp Guided by Faith and Love

In 2010 when our Senior Director JimDaddy Miller passed away unexpectedly, we started the Great Day Fund in honor of him. This fund helps ensure that any camper drawn to camp will not be limited by financial reasons, and with your help, it will play a huge role in providing a camp experience to future generations of Greystone girls.

Every year when we begin a new season of camp, we are faced with many decisions. With every decision, we prayerfully ask the Lord for discernment and seek the wisdom that Libby and JimDaddy provided.

Libby was our Hero of Faith at camp; she trusted God without reservation when making decisions for camp’s future. We knew she would encourage us to do whatever would Glorify God. JimDaddy was our hero of love. He loved our Greystone community like family. Once a camper came to camp, he saw her as part of the Greystone family. Radical generosity defined his life.

These guiding standards of faith and love continue to encourage us. Some of our camp families cannot afford the expense of camp, and we consider it a privilege to help out if we can.

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Current Scholarship Needs

It is not a surprise that the needs are great. In 2023, we provided more scholarship assistance than ever: over $240,000!! In order to continue such generosity we need your help.

Every year, we have alumnae, camp families, and Greystone friends who donate to our Great Day Fund. This year in October, we welcomed over 100 alumnae to The Great Day Alumnae Weekend where we laughed, sang, danced, talked a lot…and made a significant contribution to our Great Day Fund. Through the alumnae registration fees and the staff who donated their paychecks, we raised over $36,000 for the Great Day Fund!

Many families (the Miller family included) have made The Great Day Fund a significant part of their annual giving plan (over $100,000 already donated this year). Most of our summer staff (over 70%) donated to the Great Day Fund (giving over $7,000 dollars this year). At our recent Great Day Alumnae Weekend, most of the staff joyfully donated their entire paycheck (over $3,000 in pay) which camp matched. Our campers also joined this effort with many donating their leftover Store money to The Great Day Fund.

We take these funds and use them to help those in need as a part of our mission to Glorify God. It is our hope that with your donation to the Fund, we will continue to provide scholarship assistance for many generations to come.

Join Us This Year!

Please consider supporting The Great Day Fund this year. No gift is too small, and every contribution counts! By giving to our Great Day Fund, you can make a significant impact on the lives of many families and help spread God’s light and love to the world.

Let’s show our Greystone generosity and make an impact in the lives of future Greystone girls.

Ready to make your gift now? Use the link below to complete your gift on this Giving Tuesday. Thank you for your generosity!

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