The Words!

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About the phones… it is a wonderful story that the girls will certainly talk about when they get home. I think it will be a story remembered by Greystone for decades and perhaps generations.

It started at EP. We gathered on the Pagent Court for the Cabin Lip Synchs, clouds gathering in the western sky. We checked the weather radar and saw a storm would likely arrive before the program was over… quickly moved to the FORT and had an amazing show. The rain arrived as we dismissed the girls (everyone running up the hills holding their crazy creek chairs over their heads).

About thirty minutes later, we heard a HUGE BOOM… an obvious lightning strike nearby. The girls handled the excitement very well, but we found that the PA didn’t work for taps. We also found that our phones and internet were offline… so we started the routine procedures for getting systems back online and went to sleep thinking it was over.

This morning we awoke to water issues besides the phone and internet problems. Maintenance, Tech Support, Electricians, Plumbers… the place is crawling with people fixing what is broken. Turns out the lightning hit the Blob Dock! A big hole marks the spot… absolutely unique in the 100 year history of camp, makes us so thankful it wasn’t worse. Should be back to normal soon.

Anyhow… that is what happened, now you know!

Whenever I open an email, Blog, or news article and see that it is long, I typically don’t go much farther. I might scan it for information but usually just close the link and move on. Who has the time to read a lot of words? That is probably happening with a lot of you at this moment. Sorry.

Believe it or not, we are sensitive to this fact. We know that we write too many words a lot of the time. Why do we do it if we know we might lose many of you in the process?

For the simple fact that a great number of our parents are detail-oriented people and want to know every nuance of every subject… leave words out, and they become frustrated because we did not answer their questions. In frustration, they might call the office and go to voicemail… and frustration grows! So most of the time we put too much information in our communications, trying to do so in an interesting, pleasant, and upbeat manner.

My personal preference is to limit my texts and emails to the facts… but this often reads as abrupt and insensitive, so my team (especially Margaret, Catherine, and Sarah) will encourage me to add opening and closing paragraphs that put our positive spin on the bare facts. This spin is a genuine reflection of our feelings, but it makes you read more words than some of you would prefer.

We are nearing the end of the summer and LOVING the time with your girls. It seems like every moment would be worthy of a paragraph in the blog. I could go on and on about the food, Breakfast Club messages, classes, cabins, conversations, devotions, character building, Health Hut, and even the maintenance and cleaning crews. I could do ten blogs on the lessons we have learned from this summer and the plans that we are already making for next. Each facet of camp is amazing, and we want to share. It is well-intentioned!

This afternoon we will enjoy our first Mini Talent Show. The 20 acts will be AMAZING… some shockingly good, some shockingly bad, ALL entertaining. Word is spreading about how great the Mini Talent Shows are, and the crowds this afternoon will be impresive… I expect 1/2 of the camp will be in the audience.

Tonight’s EP is Team Fires (a chance for the girls to dress in their team colors, gather at the Odd and Even fire locations, learn the team cheers, and watch some funny skits by the counselors). It is just good-natured competition, but the impact is amazing; the girls get into it!

Perfect weather continues. We wore sweatshirts to breakfast (temperature was 60 degrees) and were in our bathing suits by 10 (temperature quickly rising under a sunny blue sky). More of the same is forecasted till the end of camp. Scattered showers are always possible but seldom cause much of an issue (knock on wood).

  • Breakfast Waffles and Sausage
  • Lunch Hamburgers
  • Dinner Pasta (a winning pasta recipe from a contest last year… really great)
  • EP Team Fires
  • Weather 84 degrees, partly cloudy, a chance of afternoon showers

Thank you for reading… and for your support. The girls are doing great, and we are enjoying camp immensely.